Mundo demonio y gloria, Aleluya

60 X 81 cm.

    You've got it. You have desperate me This is a
    challenge and you force me to stop.
    It was at that time the first Moncholc canvas that
    I saw and you moved me. Your color, it was strange in
    that moment and today is already incorporated into my language.
    You feel generous and easy to try to unveil your
    You present yourself as a fighter, guess, you tell me.
    I see a crowd watching the passage of a
    funny representation, from a present to a future,
    three puppeteers. Symbols of a road, the world, of
    attractive appearance and passenger welfare, the dragon,
    cruel, vengeful and powerful character of the stories
    children, which unleashes evil, and ahead, the
    hero, praised by its creators and savior of the
    You are nothing less than the journey, without a beginning or
    an orderly end, of man. Your life can, thanks
    to your freedom, stay in one of these sequences.
    What is the one we have chosen? Yet
    we are in time to reflect.
    Let's live.

   Dra. Abad