Tribunal de cuentas

80 x 110 cm.

Mark a secure line, with fixed struts, arches to good
lift. It is a sober architecture carried by the hand
of the painter who has highlighted his facade in every millimeter,
variety of elements, topped by the finest edges
and a majestic color as its true reality.
Turned. On a turbulent lake he tries to stay afloat.
It has been as thin as a paper but there is no
transparency. Your identification, currency like the rest of the
Olé! Spanish horse without knight, intelligent animal,
indomitable in freedom. Yes, I understand, it has come to supplant
to a used " andalusian gentleman".
The bars know their intentions, separate, isolate and
they protect from a mistreated exterior.
And he, in his haughty appearance, waits for the moment for his
new paseíllo. A necessarily hopeful background
It attracts our look.
The bull must save the rejón.

MONCHOLC, until today. P. 96.
Dra. Abad.