Espinas españolas

60 X 50 cm.


They went and there they are.
But they are still.
The reflections are left to the individual choice of each observer,
but I am in that scenario, it is my world and of course
all those who live with me the problems of our society.
Nonconformity to the effort at work. Claims that
are directed, what does it matter and responsibility for doing well
Easy income, interest in mediocrity.
The ball, since yesterday, means to oxygenate and divert attention from
those indifferent to the real problems. Screen that
obscures the scourge of the drug and "the last throes of terrorism."
I reject the unfortunate comment with which some tried
escape. We are prepared to contemplate and analyze the
thought immersed in this work.
I'm not going to deny these realities that we so clearly
presents the painter. He opens a space for optimism by showing us
the richness of nature nothing altered with time.
Deep horizon between trees that have also been observers
from the passage of it, immense trunks of cups full of wealth.
Autumn is one more season in its annual cycle. Humanity must
think what to do with yours.

MONCHOLC, until today P. 84
Dra. Abad.