Congreso de los diputados

75 x 120 cm.

     True? It's something wonderful, I feel its greatness and in the
     first impression takes me to the majestic.
     Whenever I've stopped to look at it, I think: It's the
     Olympus, the abode of the gods !. Eternal glory to them,
     It seems to remind us every moment.
     We can reach him, enter into his depths.
     It could be a dream, the vision that the hero needs to
     find the talisman.
     Everything is written.
     Its immense columns unite the near and eternal, they have not
     could stop the devastating effect of time, they do not exist
     capitals, annihilating ends. Everything breaks in his
     interior, dazzling facade closed to external reality
     for a dominator.
     The deputized cancer-lions have lost power
     over the jungle, disguised as fun and party.
     As an expression of everything contained, it materializes in a
     bloody river that gets visible.
     Before us, the bird of prey, the imperial eagle that has left
     to fly to put their claws fulfilling their destiny.
     Go to the carrion.

     MONCHOLC, until today. P. 10
     Dra. Abad.