Cultura española

51 X 71 cm.

    I have to admit that it is not a work that impresses me
    emotionally It is possible that the bottom is so sharp and raw
    that my rejection of that truth indirectly responds to the
    own strength of the work.
    Two things stand out when you look closely, for
    one side the medium to highlight the theme, an immense landscape,
    varied fields crossed by a road where they stop
    two animals, before the dominant claw of color.
    The gaze is dispersed at first, monopolizing the
    minimum detail, from the farmhouse to the scrub in bloom, the boundaries of
    a property, alternating plateau and plain, and then
    It concentrates by approaching the road.
    The stones are counted and they have fallen on them.
    With this impressive depth it reaffirms, animals
    stripped of their rationality they travel carrying what they
    it remains because of its bad doing.
    The Arts despised on the ground, in a first level painting
    forgotten before.
    It keeps the last banner of "culture" in the serón.
    In front, young and unconscious, the other carries a thread of where already
    few letters remain in their place. Despite this, they have not
    changed its essence because men and women persevere.
    MONCHOLC, until today. P. 86
    Dra. Abad.