60 X 45 cm.


Before this work many pleasurable sensations.
Memories of a trip to the real and that is left fixed in the
time at a certain time.
Although that pass, he will not change. A bridge, reflection
of our history, it is the gate of the beautiful landscape.
In the water transparencies, shadows under the bridge.
One of leaves.
A vegetation paradise that we can appreciate branch by branch,
count the stems, the lines of the nerves, different positions
that change the incidence of light on each sheet, sizes
varied. A delicate embroidery.
A break for the patience of the painter.
In the central line it extends upwards a small tree, with a
 leafy crown, bond that finally fixes our gaze on a sky
without continuity solution from the intense red on the
populated to the soft blue-violet.
They run wonderful images and finally the rain.
We enjoy your contemplation.

MONCHOLC, until today. P.58
Dra. Abad