Autorretrato en Huelva

70 X 50 cm.


 To my wife with love and in silence ...
He has given me everything, and he is there to always find him.
It is superimposed on his face a detail of the representation of a
old tradition, the impaled, remembrance of the cult people
to suffering, a prayer of forgiveness.
They were years of a hard beginning, where to strengthen the future.
Clear front and slightly gray hair. The face leaves in the open
the signs of time, remains open, without protection, without masks.
Natural, nothing disturbing in her eyes, serene and sure to observe
what you wish.
Admits physical and moral damage.
It loses, if necessary, part of its essence, but in no case
the force. He laughs because he is above adversity.
When I find a person, I look at their eyes and notice their
inner presence
It is free from evil, there is no rancor because everything is overcome if it is
for the loved one. Disenchantment is not possible, there is always something
With him I am sure, there are no fears, together we justify our
existence. We prepare our fierce struggle for our
objectives, without taking a step back.
What greater song to the beauty of the human being!
The greatness of your LOVE.

MONCHOLC, until today. P. 64
Dra. Abad.