Pescadora portuguesa

45 X 40 cm.


I'm with you now. From the first moment I did not want to separate you
because you also belong to that town.
You are my Portuguese "old", in the sense with which I enter into
years lived. With them we admire the resistance, the experience, the
teaching and tranquility.
You are a woman who does not talk about fatigue. You work for
what you were born and of it you show yourself proud.
Your eyes, observers and attractors, encourage you to ask when looking at you.
Your smile reveals faults that are not hidden.
You walk very early, barefoot, you are not affected by time or the unforeseen;
Your task begins with the arrival at the port.
You push a cheek with the fishing that you are going to sell and for which you offered
all in the rula.
When moving, your movement shows, above the knees, the
colorful that your skirts have. Before there were five and for today only three.
Singular woman that with your existence you keep alive for us the
reality of a town.
There you are so that it does not pass into oblivion.
Now it is clear why the two. They live the same world and they need
and they need the sea, fogs, storms, no matter what they have behind,
They are willing to follow and tell us.

MONCHOLC, until today. P. 68.
Dra. Abad.