45 X 30 cm.


Different lines of life.
The one of those who are and those of them, in their
most, visitors.
You have achieved the essence of these streets, well preserved, houses
superbly maintained.
Its inhabitants, do you perceive it? They make their
life as if its reality were preserved by a transparent crystal,
they do not see each other, they do not mix with our reality, those
of us who travel bag to the shoulder and camera.
With this they affirm property.
Imagination flew when, observing a house that was for sale,
we heard the silences of the mornings, and how instantly we were aware
that they had received us, making us participants of a tranquility
It would have become one more town in our geography devoted to
ruin and forgotten.
Today it is a reference of the abusive rural tourism.

Dra. Abad