39 x 49 cm.


    It has not been easy.
    As in all, I feel that dominates his subjectivity
    and I understand that, when you read this and look at the picture,
    you enjoy  new findings to add to those that I transmit to you.
    Three reasons at a glance. A line from front to back.
    Closer the man, fisherman, devotes his time to a work that
    complete the customary one. Meticulous, as the painter has been, weaves
    knot to knot the repair of the network. Sitting affirms his back and
    supports his arm on one leg.
    Protected from the sun by his cap, immense light reflected in the sand that
    highlights the reliefs of the sea and rocks.
    With satisfaction nature also plays to rest. Of the water,
    as a reminder of his bravery, two figures emerge, lions who sleep.
    In the background, tireless observer, companion of man and always
    faithful to him, my "little pooch". Languid look, bow his head,
    humid snout and in continuous movement locate everything that happens
    around it.
    We are the observers on the other side or maybe already
    Let's listen to the sea.

    MONCHOLC, until today. P. 74.
    Dra, Abad.