45 X 60 cm.

       A great gate separates two worlds. This door, which
       it is open, it is fixed to a fence that acts as a brake,
       avoiding being pierced with nocturnal.
       Insurmountable wall that does not deteriorate with time,
       they take care of the details, the roof is supported by good beams
       of wood and occasionally a tile will require
       repair. Two lampposts are security servers for
       an identification. The contrast is seen with the interior, a
       leafy corridor to peace, isolated and without discomfort,
       unknown permissiveness, unreality, who knows?.
       We focus our eyes, an egregious armchair, in perfect condition,
       placed on a flat land, has been on the other side,
       on the outside, with a tree and a hedge.
       These protect their enclave behind the chains.
       Waiting for a decision, abandoned to its fate, its
       existence depends on the use that you want to give. It may be
       forgotten or preside over a room. You should expect someone
       remember that it is there.

      MONCHOLC, until today. P. 88
      Dra. Abad