Acera de darro Granada


61 x 45 cm.


From Darro river. In the Sierra de Harana, it transits, in twenty-two
 kilometers, by the city of Granada, and reminds us of its origin in the
 Neolithic, moment of splendor of the paintings of the Cueva del Agua.
They are men with multiple arms and unknown animals, absent
our look. We see him at a crossroads, between renovated buildings,
flowering shrubs and deciduous tree. Winter running out, street
deserted, intense sky that brings us closer to the violet aroma of the city.
Now I discover its uniqueness, construction and river next to nature
untamed, alone.
The existence of the human being and his presence is hidden from us, in another
time was not like that. Source of income, many people on its shore
collected the nuggets of the gold dragged and sedimented. They count today
that some continue with tradition before the cherished dream of wealth
that does not arrive or because of nostalgia, who knows!.
Pollution leaves us sample of the current civilization, the tree could
wither by the spill and this landscape will change with the passage of time
overcoming the moment in which it was made. It is a cut-out that made us
brief childhood afternoons. A fantasy world behind the windows
that unites the present with our dreams now remembered.

Dra. Abad.