84 x 64 cm.


Come with me and understand.
It has a special beauty. Force to outer space, contrast
to the color. Intense red that recalls incandescence, fire, blood
and wine. Precious dish to many palates.
Basic lines translate a fusion of instruments. Characteristics
fundamentals of the building have been transformed by the rich fantasy.
Moved by the dominant power, an unbalanced crank, from
truncated arms and test wells make a useless scale.
We tasted a delicious flavor, do you notice?, rotates the shaft and little to
little the plate moves, presses the grape and like strands of breath
spirits, white, pink and red spring up. These, collected
in lower tray, they are distributed under a stopper that will make a hearth.
And as if it were a table, in the great moment of leisure,
uncorking following reverse direction.
Exalted animosity, turbulence under an unstable base.
We return, an impassable access prevents your rest break.
Its attraction makes us drunk. Fiction.

MONCHOLC, until today. P. 100
Dra. Abad