Niñez ante TVE

50 X 40 cm.


My big boy.
You were small, but big enough for you to sit in a
armchair next to the floor.
You had left the height that the baby needs to reach the table and not
you put on the fastening strap.
You were at a stage of your life again wonderful, now you started
with a nice ability to distinguish and value the events that
they happened around you.
This painting creates an inner struggle. Your wonderful protagonist, sweet,
calm, kind, marks his character in a clear negative. Manifest,
with the expressivity nothing dominated by previous judgments, its rejection.
Do not cry, cover your eyes with the hands that, until that moment, have been the
means of recognizing their external world. Children are the most sensitive
The struggle I'm talking about is my refusal to allow adults
modify that intense world of yours, ready to improve.
It is a wake-up call, a saying no to aggression, to
conditioning, to rudeness.
It is still to mold but demands its decision to grow. We have to
let him do
I love you, I wish we preserved your sensitivity.
MONCHOLC, until today. P. 90
Dra. Abad